Tests and Measures: Identifying T&M and Finding Reviews


Journal articles are often another good way to get reviews and information on tests and measurements. The databases listed here are some of the more useful resources for finding this type of information.

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Recommended Sources for Reviews of Tests and Measures

Test reviews are usually written for published tests and often (but not always) include brief descriptions of tests and measurements to give potential users some important background. Other information that typically accompanies test and measurement reviews include contact information for the publisher, validity and reliability, scoring, purpose, intended population, pricing, administration, and so on. The following sources should be consulted when looking for reviews of particular tests. The order in which they appear is a rough guide to how a search might be constructed.


There are many test review volumes available and the UNC library catalog can be a great way to find them. These works are typically devoted to a particular area (i.e. education or psychology) or have an even narrower focus (i.e. special education). Useful search terms include your particular area of interest (i.e. "psychology" or "academic achievement") and "tests" or "measures" or "measurements" or "assessement." A sample of these kinds of resources are listed below.

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