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Using LibGuides: Home

What is in this guide?

This guide contains almost all the information you will need to successfully create LibGuides at the UNC Libraries, broken down into sections to help you find new things to try and to keep your guide looking sharp! Check back frequently for new tips and tricks!

If you are new to LibGuides, please contact Sarah Arnold at to set up a training session.

This guide includes:

  • Creating an Account - Learn how to create your account, add editors, and how to change/add guide owners. 
  • Starting a New Guide Provides an overview of how to create a new guide, what the UNC requirements are for guides, and creating a guide in collaboration with a librarian. 
  • Designing your Guide - This page includes general information about creating effective guides. 
    • Subject GuidesLearn about the specific criteria for creating a subject guide.
    • Course Pages - Learn about the specific criteria for creating a course page.
  • Adding Content - Find out what features are available for adding content to your guide. 
    • ​Asset Types - Provides an overview of the different types of assets available for your use in LibGuides. 
    • Image Resources - Provides suggestions for image resources you can use on your guide.  
  • ​Publishing your GuideLearn about the publishing process. 
  • Maintaining your GuideExplains what your responsibilities are with regards to your published guides. 

Cheat Sheet

Download the LibGuides Cheat Sheet to use as a quick reference when creating or updating your guides.