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Using LibGuides: Course Pages

Course Page Overview

Course Pages are websites that are created to show students enrolled in a particular course the resources they will need to complete their research assignments in that course.

Course Pages

  • are geared toward a specific course.
  • are only used for one semester.
  • stay published for 2 semesters after the last time the course was taught.
  • are automatically loaded into the course’s Sakai page.
  • don't require web approval before publishing, because they are temporary.

Course Pages are designed to highlight specific resources needed for to complete course work in a particular class. A subject guide is designed to give an overview or introduction to the library materials in a specific subject area.

Course Page Requirements

  • They must be associated with a course or a department academic program (like an orientation)
  • They must be in the Course Page database (if they are associated with a course).
  • They need to be assigned to the “Course Pages” group in LibGuides.
  • They need to be created using the course page template.
  • Course Pages are usually one page with no tabs.  If tabs are used, follow all tab guidelines under the rules for Subject Guides.
  • Title format: course number and name of class.  Example: ECON 510: Advanced Microeconomics
  • Tailor course descriptions to the course assignments (example: You can use this database to find interviews with the authors you are profiling for Assignment 1).
  • Descriptions of resources must be short (1-2 lines for a database, 1 line for a website).