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Using LibGuides

This guide provides information related to setting up your LibGuides account, creating and editing LibGuides, as well as the standards that are in place for how LibGuides should generally look and feel.

Create an Account

You will need to have an account created in order to access LibGuides. Contact Sarah Arnold at to get set up. 

When you contact Sarah, you will also need to schedule a training. Everyone should have a training session before they use LibGuides. Sarah will provide you with some official instructions and a cheat sheet for working on LibGuides. 

Login and Edit Your Profile

You will need to set up a profile in order for your contact information and photo to show up in your guides.

To log in go to and enter your email and password.

If you need to change your password for any reason:

  1. Click on My Account (on the top bar next to Home)
  2. In the My Account tab, check your email address and name
  3. Type your new password in Password
  4. Click on the blue Save box to confirm

From the LibApps Dashboard (your LibGuides Admin home page), you can edit your profile box:

  1. Click on My Profile (on the top bar next to My Account)
  2. Edit the information in the Profile Box tab (Please only upload your official UNC picture, even if it is not your favorite)
  3. Click Save Profile
    Note: If you’d like to have a chat widget in your profile box, contact Sarah Arnold at

For more details, check out

Create a New Guide

You can use the following steps to create either a new Subject Guide or a new Course Page:

  1. Click on the blue LibApps Dashboard button in the top left corner and select LibGuides
  2. Click on the create guide link next to the plus sign in the LibGuides Shortcuts box.
    **Note: You can also create a guide by going to the Content tab on the top bar and selecting Guides. Click on the Create Guide button at the top. 
  3. Select the appropriate Group Assignment. The University Library Groups are:
    • Course Pages - pages created as part of library instruction for a specific course
    • Subject Guides - Subject guides created by University Library staff
    • Librarian Profile Guide - pages created to replace the default librarian profile
      **Note: If you use this option, be sure to disable your Profile Page.
    • Collections Group - pages created to provide a collection overview
  4. Select Copy an Existing Guide and choose Guides at My Institution.
  5. Type three asterisks [ *** ] in the search box and choose the template associated with the type of guide you are creating.
  6. Create a Guide Name, which will appear at the top of every page in this guide. If you need to change it later, click on the guide name at the top of the page and an edit box will appear.
  7. Create a short description of the guide if desired. 
  8. Select the Guide Type that corresponds to the guide's Group Assignment.
  9. Click on Create Guide at the bottom of the box to open your new guide.
  10. You can add subject associations to your guide by clicking on the pencil icon in the top left corner next to Subjects

Add Editors

To add an editor to a guide, click on the gear icon on the top right and select Guide Editors.

Search for the person you would like to add, and select them from the list.