Using LibGuides 2.0

This guide provides information related to setting up your LibGuides account, creating and editing LibGuides, as well as the standards that are in place for how LibGuides should generally look and feel.

Getting Your Guides Ready

Use this checklist to make sure your guides are ready for to submit for review.

  • Make sure you have no broken links or links that go to the wrong page.  (A lot of sites will redirect to another page if they delete a page from their site, but it might not be where you want your patrons to go).
  • Make sure all the information you have is still correct with all the changes that have happened this year (services desks changes and phone number changes).
  • Check all rich text box assets to see if they should be converted to database, link, or media assets.
  • Update all links that go to pages within your guides or other libguides, so they work in the new system.
  • Check any images and tables at multiple screen widths to make sure they are displaying nicely.

Submitting your guides for review

We are planning to switch over to the new system in mid-August (prior to the start of Fall semester).  To make that happen, all guides that you want live on day one of the new system need to be submitted for review by August 1st

The User Experience department will not automatically review ANY guides (even ones that you previously marked as priority one or two).  You MUST review them and submit them for review before the go live.