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Using LibGuides: Subject Guides

Subject Guide Overview

Subject Guides are designed to introduce a patron to key resources in an area of interest when the current library website or other library tools are not sufficient.  They are designed to be selective, not comprehensive.

Subject Guides

  • are multipage with a home tab that describes the guide.
  • include contact information about the owner of the guide.
  • are permanent additions to the website.
  • are included in the Guides database for appropriate subject areas.

A subject guide is designed to give an overview or introduction to the library materials in a specific subject area. Course Pages are designed to highlight specific resources needed to complete course work in a particular class.

Subject Guide Requirements

  • They must be in the “Subject Guide” group in LibGuides.
  • They must be approved by your department head before publishing.
  • They must be submitted to for technical review
  • They  must go through the library review process like any webpage (the Web Editorial Board).
  • They must have a “Home” tab and companion “Home” page with a box describing the guide and each tab on the guide and the librarian profile of the guide owner.
  • The homepage must be two columns (per the subject guide template)
  • The owner must have the required subject knowledge to complete a yearly update of content.

See Publish Your Guide for more details.