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Using LibGuides

This guide provides information related to setting up your LibGuides account, creating and editing LibGuides, as well as the standards that are in place for how LibGuides should generally look and feel.

Responsibilities of Guide Owners and Editors

Guide owners and editors are expected to review their subject guides and course pages on a regular basis throughout the year.

An annual report will be generated to assist you in determining the usefulness of each subject guide and to help you determine whether or not to keep a guide.

Below you will find an outline of the maintenance timeline followed by Sarah. 

Weekly Maintenance:
  • Delete any content items/assets that have a mapping count of 0.
  • Review the Link Checker tool for any new broken links with a particular focus on Databases.


Monthly - Check for guides not assigned to a group

August (before classes start)  - Remove unpublished guides from the “Previous Academic Year” that are not taught in the current academic year. Send an email to the public services listserv to let them know this is happening.

December (after classes end)- Remove test / practice guides


Monthly - Check for guides not assigned to a group

March/April - Begin compiling annual usage reports for past Summer and Fall semester.

May - Complete Spring semester portion of usage reports (after graduation) and distribute reports to subject librarians.


Monthly - Check for guides not assigned to a group

June/July/April  - Remove staff and students who have graduated from the system. Remove test / practice guides. Unpublish guides that are not going to be updated.