West European Collections: Cooperative Collections

West European Librarian & GRAS Section Head

Joanneke Elliott

UNC-Duke Cooperative Collections

European Cooperation DayThe University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and Duke University maintain significant cooperative acquisitions programs in belles lettres, German Studies, and European Studies. These cooperative agreements support the research and instruction at the two institutions and serve a model for other West European and area studies collaborations. Carolina and Duke acquire core materials for their undergraduate students and then share the acquisition of more specialized research materials, special formats, and expensive items such as facsimiles, critical editions, and major microform sets. The tradition of cooperative collection development it not limited to the main research library but is practiced by the UNC Rare Book Collection and the Duke Special Colloections. The result of these collaborations is that our scholars benefit from collections that are broad and deep and the two collections are complementary and with a low rate of duplication.

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