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Central & Eastern European Film & Video: Open Access Streaming Resources

Open access streaming resources

Czech Republic: Česká filmová klasika

Česká filmová klasika logo

Česká filmová klasika

YouTube channel of classic Czech feature films, animation and documentary in HD from the Národní filmový archiv and Státní fond kinematografie. No English subtitles.

Czech Republic: Katedra dokumentární tvorby FAMU


Katedra dokumentární tvorby FAMU

Archive of Czech documentary films produced by students of FAMU's Katedra dokumentární tvorby, 2002-2017. No English subtitles.

Ukraine: Odesa Film Studio

Odesa Film Studio

Odesa Film Studio

Official YouTube channel of the Odesa Film Studio offering feature films and animation from independent Ukraine as well as the Soviet period, typically in HD quality. Films are in Russian and Ukrainian. Some films have English subtitles.

Ukraine: DocuSpace

DocuSpace logo


Ukrainian human rights documentary film portal. English subtitles available.


FilmPolski logo

Large selection of Polish short feature and documentary films. English subtitles available for some films.

Poland: FINA

FINA logo


A large archive of classic documentary and animated films from the Polish National Film Archive. No English subtitles.

Poland: Filmoteka Muzeum

Filmoteka Muzeum

A collection of experimental films from Polish video artists hosted by the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw.

Hungary: Filmhíradók

Filmhíradók Online logo

Filmhíradók Online

A vast archive of newsreels from the Hungarian National Film Fund, 1913-1959. No English subtitles.

Hungary: Paranoia Archive

OSA logo

Paranoia Archive via the OSA Archive

A collection of 58 Hungarian educational films on atomic, biological, and chemical warfare, produced 1964-1982. No English subtitles.

Russia: ArtDoc Logo


A large archive of Russian and Soviet documentary films, including those screened at the ArtdocFest documentary festival held in Russia and Latvia. No English subtitles. An even larger selection of films is available from the archive for a fee.

Russia: Культура.рф


Культура.рф is a humanities educational project from the Russian Ministry of Culture. It offers modern and classic films, videos of theater performances, concerts, and public lectures. No subtitles.

Russia: Mosfilm

Mosfilm logo


A large selection of classic Soviet (and some post-Soviet) feature films produced at the Mosfilm studio (some in HD). English subtitles available for a smaller selection of films.

Russia: logo

A vast repository of digitized Russian and Soviet newsreels, television programs and a variety of documentary, scientific, and educational films from the Russian film archives. No English subtitles.

Russia: OSA Archive

OSA logo

Soviet Propaganda Film Collection via the OSA Archive

A collection of 109 Soviet propaganda films, produced 1942-1989. No English subtitles.

Soviet and Russian Television Monitoring via the OSA Archive

A collection of 3,874 Soviet and Russian news and political television programs, 1983-1996. No English subtitles.

Russia: Отечественная документалистика

Отечественная документалистика logo

Отечественная документалистика

YouTube channel featuring a large selection of Russian and Soviet documentary films. No English subtitles.

Russia: Пилигрим

Пилигрим logo


Portal for Russian independent documentaries, shorts and some feature films. English subtitles available for some films.

Russia: Soyuzmultfilm

Soyuzmultfilm logo

Official YouTube channel of the famous animation studio Soyuzmultfilm, with classic Soviet era cartoons and contemporary shows.

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