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DRAM 287: African American Theatre (Prof. Kathryn Williams) Summer II 2021

Carolina Magazine (1927-1948)

Carolina Magazine was a student publication at UNC. The UNC Libraries website says several issues "in the late 1920s were dedicated to writings of and by black authors. Influenced by the sweep of the Harlem Renaissance to the north, UNC students invited prominent writer Lewis Alexander to guest edit the May 1927 publication of the Carolina Magazine, which they called the “Negro Number”. In his acknowledgement as guest editor, Lewis Alexander states that it was “the purpose of the editors to present an issue representative of Negro life and art.” The issue contained contributions from Lewis Alexander himself, Countee Cullen, Langston Hughes, and other well-known black writers. The tradition of dedicating a spring issue to black authors continued in May 1928. The following year produced the “Negro Play Number” in April 1929, and a final “Negro Number” in May 1930."

Encyclopedic Resources (E-resources require onyen for off-campus access)

Dominique Morisseau, Detroit '67 / Dominique Morisseau Interview

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Black Arts Movement / Panel Discussion, Harlem Book Fair (2014)

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Literary Terminology, the OED, & MLA Style (E-resources require onyen for off-campus access)

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