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What is a library database and why use them?

Library Databases vs Google

  • Reliability 
    • Anyone can publish their ideas on the internet
    • Information might be out of date since there are no formal reviews in place
    • Information found through Google or other search engines is not evaluated for accuracy 
  • Information found in library databases is preferred because:
    • Information is written and reviewed by experts 
    • Information is evaluated for accuracy and reliability
    • Recommended by librarians and faculty
  • Relevance
    • Google or other search engines turn up lots of results but have very little to do with your search
    • Google lacks filters
  • Library databases are preferred because:
    • You have more control over your search, since filters such as date ranges, languages, and peer reviewed can be applied
    • UNC's library databases are grouped in subjects making it easier to find the appropriate information
  • Permanence
    • In ​Google or other search engines content can change or disappear all together
    • Therefore it can not be archived and makes it impossible to verify your information
  • Library databases are preferred because:
    • Library databases provide published information that doesn't change over time
    • This information will remain in the databases so that you will have access over a long time and scholars are able to verify your work

Source:, Evaluating Internet-Based Information: Library databases vs. search engines, from Bethel College Library.


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