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HIST 89.003 African American Music as History (FYS)


This guide includes library and other resources to assist you in researching the background, production, and reception of your selected song. Use your research to situate the song in its recording, performance and marketing contexts to provide important insights into how music can shed light on African American history.

Websites and article databases (some require onyen for access)

Books and e-books that contain information about the songs (onyen required for access to e-books)

Search the indexes to these books and e-books for information about your song or artist.

UNC catalog search

  • A search in the Library Catalog can lead you to many books and e-books related to your topic.
    • Search for your song in quotes, or for your artist
  • Some sound recordings contain liner (program) notes that provide background information about the artists and songs on the recording. Ask for sound recordings at the Music Library Service Desk.
  • Some music scores contain information about the songs (see Robert Johnson example below).
  • Click on the Subjects tab for a book you are interested in to find more books like it.
  • Make note of the Location of the item. Not all music-related material is in the Music Library!

Robert Johnson transcribed by Scott Ainslie and Dave WhitehillThis score of Robert Johnson's songs includes biographical information and notes on the songs. Music Library M1670.J68 R6 1992 (check library catalog for availability).

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