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HIST 178H: Liberalism, Socialism and Fascism in Europe: Articles and Books

Finding Books

For Fall 2020, Books and materials from other campus libraries, including videos from the Media & Design Center, will be available through the library pickup service.

Start with a keyword search in the catalog. Once you have located a relevant item, you can look at the Subjects in the record and follow those links to find related books. You can also refine your results by using the facets on the left side of the screen. If you are looking for online sources only, narrow down your search by clicking the box next to the "available online" facet.

To find primary resources, you can add any of the following keywords to your search: letters, diaries, speeches, newspaper articles, autobiographies, oral histories, government and organizational records, statistical data, maps, photographs, motion pictures, sound recordings, advertisements, and artifacts.

Finding Articles and Dissertations

Here is a reminder of different types of journals.

The databases listed below are starting points for finding journal articles for many topics of historical research.