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MUSC145 Introduction to Jazz Fall 2020

Remote Library Services

  • This guide emphasizes resources that you have remote/digital access to. Most of these resources will ask you for your onyen and password. Once you do that, you will not have to provide it again during your current session.
  • The Music Library and most other campus libraries are closed for the Fall semester. But if you are in the area, you can still check out physical materials! Books, recordings, and scores listed as “Available by Request Only” in the library catalog can be checked out by selecting the item's Request button. You will be notified when it is ready to be picked up at Davis Library or the Health Sciences Library. Curbside pickup is available at Davis Library on Wednesdays from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. You can request curbside pickup as part of the online book request process.

Online Reference Tools

Your onyen and password are required for off-campus access to these resources. Look for your artist's name or song in the index of the books.

Liner Notes as a Source of Information

Many CDs and LPs have liner notes containing valuable information about the works and performers on the recording. Either look up a sound recording in the Library Catalog or look in our streaming audio databases. If you need liner notes from a physical recording, contact Diane Steinhaus ( to make a scan of the booklet for you. Be aware that not all sound recordings have liner notes, especially in the streaming databases. Your onyen and password are required for off-campus access to these resources.:

In Jazz Music Online, look for liner notes under the "Related" tab for a particular recording.

In Naxos Music Library: Jazz, look for the "Booklet" pdf icon for a particular recording.

Browsing for Books on Jazz in the Library

Your Schematic/Artist Assessment with Works Cited page is due Tuesday, November 10th. Depending on the artist and musical work you choose, here are some suggestions on how to find useful material in the library (we have tons of books and e-books about jazz!):

  • Search in the library catalog on your artist's name and limit the Resource Type of your results to Books.
    • If you want e-books only, then further limit your results to Available Online:
  • Note that your artist's name may not appear in the title of the book, even though the book may discuss him/her.
    • Look for mention of your artist or song in the index of the book.
  • Access to E-books requires your onyen and password.
    • Some books are made available as e-books temporarily during the COVID-19 pandemic. For those titles, when you go to look at them you need to "check them out" by clicking this button:
    •   Unfortunately, these temporarily available e-books are view-only.
  • Since the Music Library is closed this semester, if you find a physical book on your artist in the catalog, select the Request button to arrange to pick up the book at Davis Library.

If you have any problems accessing the materials you need for this assignment, please contact the Music Library staff:

More Useful Websites Related to Jazz

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