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MUSC227: Beginning Voice/Class Voice Techniques Spring 2021

Musical Theater Anthologies

In addition to these and other anthologies of songs from musicals, the library owns hundreds of piano/vocal scores of individual musical theater shows.

To find scores for individual shows, search the library catalog by TITLE and refine the results by format to MUSIC SCORE.


Bernstein for singers: 10 songs. New York: Boosey & Hawkes, 2015

Soprano M1507.B46 V6253 2015
Belter/Mezzo M1507.B46 V6252 2015
Tenor M1507.B46 V6254 2015
Baritone/Bass M1507.B46 V625 2015

Broadway Presents! teens' musical theatre anthology : a treasury of songs from stage & film, specially designed for teen singers! Ed. & compiled by Lisa DeSpain. Van Nuys, CA : Alfred, 2009.

Female Edition M1507.B753 2009 and 2 CDs
Male Edition M1507.B753 2009b and 2 CDs

Contemporary broadway vocal duets.  Milwaukee: Hal Leonard, 2014.   M1507.C8467 2014

Contemporary singing actor: 36 songs from Broadway and Off-Broadway shows. Compiled by Richard Walters. Hal Leonard, 2004

Women's Edition, v.1 M1507.C848 2004 v.1
Women's Edition, v.2 M1507.C848 2004 v.2
Men's Edition, v.1 M1507.C8479 2004 v.1
Men's Edition, v.2 M1507.C8479 2004 v.2
Duets Edition M1507.C8478 2004
Duets Edition (rev.) M1507.C8478 2010

Contemporary musical theatre for teens. Young women's edition. Milwaukee: Hal Leonard, 2014.  M1507 .C8476 2014 v.1      M1507 .C8476 2014 v.2

Contemporary musical theatre for teens. Young men's edition. Milwaukee: Hal Leonard, 2014.  M1507 .C8475 2014 v.1          M1507 .C8475 2014 v.2

Contemporary theatre songs from the 21st century. Milwaukee, WI: Hal Leonard, 2016.

           M1507.C856 2016 soprano    M1507.C856 Belter/Mezzo Soprano    M1507.C856 Tenor    M1507.C856 Baritone     

First book of Broadway solos. Compiled by Joan Frey Boytim. Hal Leonard, 1997

Soprano M1507.B757 S61 1997
Soprano, pt.2 M1507.B757 S62 2007 and CD
Mezzo-Soprano M1507.B757 M41 1997
Mezzo-Soprano, pt.2 M1507.B757 M42 2007 and CD
Tenor M1507.B757 T41 1997
Tenor, pt.2 M1507.B757 T42 2007 and CD
Baritone/Bass M1507.B757 B31 1997
Baritone/Bass M1507.B757 B31 2001 and CD
Baritone/Bass, pt.2 M1507.B757 B32 2007 and CD


Guy songs: selections from Samuel French: New Musical Theatre, 2016. M1507.G532 2016

Kids' musical theater anthology: a treasury of songs from stage & film, specially designed for young singers! Edited and Compiled by Lisa DeSpain. Alfred, 2008 M1507.K53 2008 and CD

Musical theatre anthology for teens. Lerch, Louise, ed. Milwaukee: Hal Leonard Corp., 2001

This series is also available from the publisher with accompanying CDs

Duets Edition M1507.M8925 2001
Young Men's Edition M1507.M8926 2001
Young Women's Edition M1507.M8927 2001

Musical theatre classics. Milwaukee: Hal Leonard, 1996

Soprano M1507.M895 1996 v.1-2 and CDs
Belter/Mezzo-Soprano M1507.M894 1996 v.1-2 and CDs
Tenor M1507.M896 1996 and CD
Baritone/Bass M1507.M893 1996 and CD

Musical theatre for classical singers. Milwaukee: Hal Leonard, 2011.

Soprano M1507.M897 2011 soprano
Mezzo-Soprano M1507.M897 2011 mezzo-soprano
Tenor M1507.M897 2011 tenor
Bass/Baritone M1507.M897 2011 bass/baritone

The Singer‘s musical theatre anthology: a collection of songs from the musical stage, categorized by voice type: the selections are presented in their authentic settings, excerpted from the original vocal scores. Compiled and edited by Richard Walters. Hal Leonard Corp. This series is also available from the publisher with accompanying CDs

Soprano M1507.S63 1986d
M1507.S63 v.2 1993d
M1507.S63 1999d v.1
M1507.S63 v.2 2000d
M1507.S63 v.3 2000d
M1507.S63 v.4 2005d
M1507.S63 v.5 2008d
Mezzo-Soprano/Belter    M1507.S63 1986c
M1507.S63 v.2 1993c
M1507.S63 v.1 2000b
M1507.S63 v.2 2000b
M1507.S63 v.3 2000b
M1507.S63 v.4 2005b
M1507.S63 v.5 2008b
Tenor M1507.S63 1986e
M1507.S63 v.2 1993e
M1507.S63 v.1 2000c
M1507.S63 v.3 2000c
M1507.S63 v.4 2005c
M1507.S63 v.5 2008c
Baritone/Bass M1507.S63 1986
M1507.S63 v.2 1993
M1507.S63 v.1 2000
M1507.S63 v.3 2000
M1507.S63 v.4 2005
M1507.S63 v.5 2008
Duets M1507.S63 1986b
M1507.S63 v.2 2005e
M1507.S63 v.3 2012


        Trios                                  M1507.S635 2017

Sondheim for singers, in original keys. New York: Rilting, 2013

Soprano M1507.S7 S6 2013 soprano
Belter/Mezzo M1507.S7 S6 2013 belter/mezzo soprano
Tenor M1507.S7 S6 2013 tenor
Baritone/Bass M1507.S7 S6 2013 baritone/bass
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