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Latinx Life in North Carolina: Data and Government Publications

Data Resources

American FactFinder

This resource from the United States Census Bureau provides access to national, state, and local-level data. The data is drawn from several censuses and surveys. Population data as well as data about housing, income levels, race and ethnicity, and education can be found through this site. In addition to data, American FactFinder offers reference maps and several search functions. 

North Carolina Census Data 1960-1980 
North Carolina census data from the 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s made full-text searchable online for the first time. The collection, housed in file folders at the State Data Center since it was created from federal census data decades ago, contains invaluable county- and state-level demographics information and enumeration district maps from 80 of North Carolina's 100 counties. The majority of the data dates from the 1980 Census. However, the maps, as well as counts of population and housing data, are available from the 1960 Census, and "Selected Characteristics" for 99 of 100 counties are available from the 1970 Census.

North Carolina Office of State Budget and Management, Facts and Figures 
The OSBM site states: "OSBM provides thousands of data items to state agencies and the public for use in budgeting, planning, research, and general information about the state.... OSBM develops a wealth of products for accessing the census and other data on North Carolina's counties, municipalities, and other areas, including down to the city block in some cases."

The American Community Survey 
The U.S. Census Bureau provides 3-year estimates about the US population in the years between the regular census.

UNC School of Government: Immigration Law 
Includes publications and legislative updates related to immigration in North Carolina. Buttons in left-hand toolbar link to these resources, including an in-depth article updated in 2010 titled Immigrants in North Carolina: A Fact Sheet.

The Economic Impact of the Hispanic Population on the State of North Carolina, 2006 
Available online and in the North Carolina Collection. 
This 2006 publication of the Frank Hawkins Kenan Institute of Private Enterprise provides research on the economic impact of the Hispanic population in North Carolina, both direct and indirect. Detailed statistics for public school systems, North Carolina counties, employment impact and labor income impact by metropolitan area are among the statistics presented and contextualized in the publication.

Mapping Tools and Related Resources

Make Maps, Reports, and Data Extracts 

This reference guide from UNC Libraries is designed to help researchers manipulate data and take advantage of the mapping tools (including those listed below) available through the library's website. The guide provides examples of maps generated using the tools and can help you determine which tools best suit your mapping needs. 

Social Explorer (through UNC's E-Resources pages) 
Social Explorer will allow you to create maps using census data from 1790 to 2010 and the American Community Survey. These maps are then easily exportable to PowerPoint for presentations. Social Explorer's site states, "Social Explorer is an award-winning web application that changes the way we interact with data using maps and reports. From research libraries to the front page of The New York Times, Social Explorer helps people engage with society."

SimplyMap (through UNC's E-Resources pages) 
SimplyMap is a web-based mapping application that enables users to quickly and easily create professional-quality thematic maps and reports using extensive demographic, business and marketing data. This resource is available to UNC affiliated users, available to NC state residents via NC Live (must have a NC library card), and to users in the North Carolina Collection's reading room.

State Government Documents

The North Carolina Collection holds government documents related to a variety of issues. The following are just a few examples of documents, in English and in Spanish, published by state agencies. 

Here They Are-- What Do We Do? : An Orientation Handbook for Immigrant Children
Revised by Second Language Studies, Department of Public Instruction and Carolina Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages, 1991

Facts About North Carolina's Farmworkers
Office of Rural Health and Resource Development, between 1998 and 2006 
One double-sided sheet

Guía de Seguridad y Salud Agraria: Consejos para los Trabajandores Agrícolas en Carolina del Norte 
Departamento del Trabajo de Carolina del Norte, Oficina de la Seguridad y de la Salud en Agricultura, 2005

Introduction to Migrant Housing Inspections in North Carolina
Agricultural Safety and Health Bureau, Division of Occupational Safety and Health, N.C. Dept. of Labor, 2008 
Also available for 2003, 1998, 1993, 1989 
Full text available online for 2008

¡El Calor Mata! 
NC Dept. of Labor, Agricultural Safety and Health Bureau, 2012 
Also available for 2009, 2011 
One single-sided sheet

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