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Introduction to Library Services and Resources for Social Work: Articles

Relevant Databases

Can't see the full text? Try Find@UNC

If an article search comes back that we don't have an item:

1) click the Find @ UNC button button

2) if available, click an article link, if not, click the journal link

3) if none are available, you can request the article via interlibrary loan or contact the library

Constructing your search

Database searching tips

When searching in databases, try these handy tips for better results:

  • use wildcard characters.  If searching for information about children, type the word child* with an astericks. That will return children, childhood and any other word that starts with child.
  • use quotes.  When searching for a phrase, quotes will search for the words when they're next to each other.  
  • use Boolean phrasing ("and," "or," "not"). "And" and "not" will narrow your search, but "or" will broaden it. 

This video from The Ohio State University Libraries goes into more detail (Creative Commons Attribution license)

Peer Review