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What is in this guide?

Welcome to the course research guide for AAAD 252: Blacks in the West! In this guide, you will find information on finding primary and secondary sources, along with other tips on conducting research on the topic. 

Types of Sources

Image: Wilson Library Collections, UNC-Chapel Hill.

What is a primary source?
  • Primary sources can be documents, artifacts or recordings.
  • There are many examples of primary sources including correspondence that are available to you through the University Libraries, particularly Wilson Library.
  • Many (but certainly not all!) primary sources are unpublished.
What is a secondary source?
  • Secondary sources are most often published documents or recordings that discuss, analyze/interpret and/or synthesize primary source material.
  • Secondary sources include books, articles, video and audio recordings.
  • Secondary sources are the sources used most often because they are the most accessible.
  • Secondary sources can also be primary sources.