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AAAD 254: African Americans in North Carolina (Porter): Welcome!

About This Guide

Image: Pender County Training School by Hugh M. Morton from North Carolina Collection, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Library

This course looks at blacks in the state of North Carolina. This guide was created in order to help students in AAAD 254 (and others with an interest in the subject) locate materials relevant to the topic.

Stone Center Library for Black Culture & History

General Information
The Sonja Haynes Stone Center for Black Culture and History Library's collection gathers works on the African American experience and the African Diaspora, with a focus on the social sciences and humanities. The library has a small collection of print periodicals, and provides access to a wide array of electronic journals and databases.

What is a primary source?

  • Primary sources can be documents, artifacts or recordings.
  • There are many examples of primary sources including correspondence that are available to you through the University Libraries, particularly Wilson Library.
  • In many (but not all!) instances, primary source material is unpublished.

Image: Wilson Library Collections, UNC-Chapel Hill.

What is a secondary source?

  • Secondary sources are documents or recordings that discuss, analyze/interpret and/or synthesize primary source material.
  • Secondary sources include books, articles, video and audio recordings.
  • Secondary sources are the sources used most often because they are the most accessible.
  • Secondary sources can also be primary sources.