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AMST 253 Mamas and Matriarchs: A Social History of Jewish Women in America

Background Information

What is in this guide?

This course research guide contains assignments and helpful links for American Studies 253: A Social History of Jewish Women in America.

Women surrounded by posters for Roosevelt, Lehman, and the American Labor Party and a Learn to Vote sign in English and Yiddish,1935. Photo by Kheel Center at Cornell University and used under Creative Commons license.

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Beginning in Fall 2012, you can major in Jewish Studies. You can also minor in Jewish Studies or Modern Hebrew. The Carolina Center for Jewish Studies, an interdisciplinary academic program in the College of Arts and Sciences that promotes a deeper understanding of Jewish history, culture and thought through its teaching, research and community outreach initiatives, has information about these programs and other events related to Jewish culture.

American Studies at Carolina

The Department of American Studies offers a major and a minor, both with interdisciplinary approaches that empower students to value the complexity of the US by engaging with a variety of historical, literary, artistic, political, social, and ethnic perspectives.

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