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ANTH 232: Ancestral Maya Civilizations Fall 2020

What is this guide?

This guide will help you find the sources you need to write the final paper for Anthropology 232. 

By the end of class, you will be able to:

  • Identify peer-reviewed sources
  • Use library resources to find peer-reviewed sources for your paper
  • Contact me if you have any questions

On campus or not

Are you still coming to campus?
Yes: 22 votes (42.31%)
No: 30 votes (57.69%)
Total Votes: 52

Topic Selection

Have you chosen a topic for your final paper?
Yes: 0 votes (0%)
No: 24 votes (64.86%)
I have an idea but I'm not sure yet.: 13 votes (35.14%)
Total Votes: 37

What is a peer-reviewed source?

Peer-reviewed sources are written by experts and evaluated by other experts for solid research methodology and logical conclusions before publication. Authors of peer-reviewed works attempt to situate their work among the work of other scholars who study similar topics. 

How can I recognize a peer-reviewed source?

Ask yourself the following question about the book or article that you have:

  • Who is the author? What is their affiliation? Can you find their place of employment? Can you find biographical information about the author?
    • Peer-reviewed articles usually include the affiliation of the author which helps to establish their knowledge and credibility.
  • Who is the article or book written for? Is it written for other experts or for the general public? 
    • Peer-reviewed articles are written for people with previous knowledge of a topic and are meant to further scholarly conversation around a topic.
  • Does the article engage with previous scholarship and research through the use of citations/footnotes/works cited list?
    • Scholars cite the works of others to demonstrate their own knowledge of other research in the field, to show where their ideas come from, to show who they disagree with, and to show whose work is similar to theirs.

Take a look at these four articles on Maya archaeology. Which one is peer-reviewed based on the questions above?

A. Online Map Leads Archaeologist to Maya Discovery: 0 votes (0%)
B. The Rise of a Maya Merchant Class: 1 votes (2.33%)
C. Maya Architecture: 1 votes (2.33%)
D. Monumental architecture at Aguada Fénix and the rise of Maya civilization: 29 votes (67.44%)
A and D: 2 votes (4.65%)
A, B, and D: 10 votes (23.26%)
Total Votes: 43

Where can I find peer-reviewed sources for this class?

Time for Your Own Research

Choose one of the databases above. Try a couple of searches for a topic from class that interests you. If you can't think of a topic, try searching for:

  • Classical Maya AND water
  • Classical Maya AND food

After you have found an article, type the article title, author name, journal name, and date of publication on this sheet:

How do I read and understand a peer-reviewed source?

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