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MURAP Scholars' Guide to Remote Resources: Temporary Acquisitions


During this time, UNC has access to an expanded number of resources to help students find the information that they need. As part of these offerings we now have access to over 1.1 million digital books through HathiTrust. The easiest way to access these resources is through searching through UNC's Catalog

Once you locate a book that you are interested in that is accessible through the Trust, click the button that says "Full Text Temporarily Available to UNC-Chapel Hill Affiliates". 



From there, you will be taken to a HathiTrust page where you will need to log in. At the top of the page you will select "Log In" and then select University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill" from the drop-down menu. 


Next, log in using your ONYEN. After this, click the "Check Out" button. The book will be checked out to you for one hour and will automatically renew if you are still actively using the resource. 


Other Temporary Acquisitions

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