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Latin American Studies for Community Colleges

General Film Databases

Searching the Catalog


  1. Using the Advanced Search option in the library Catalog.
  2. On the right side of the screen under the Optional Search limits change Location to Media & Design Center
  3. Use the Language Dropdown box to narrow search for items in desired language
  4. Under Format Select Videos and DVDs from the dropdown
  5. Now can search using Keyword, Title, Author, Subject, Release Year....
  6. Streaming materials can also be found the same way and will appear in your results when they meet the search requirements.

Can't Find it @ UNC

Can't find the film you're looking for at the MDC?  Here's a list of sites online that might offer it free or for a fee

French Film Research- Streaming


Criterion Collection / Janus Films / DEFA

CRITERION ON DEMAND contemporary and classic studio films

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