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English 88 - 001: First Year Seminar: The Legacy of the Japanese American Internment: From WWII to 9/11, Fall 2015 (Prof. Heidi Kim)

Databases for Scholarly Articles

If you need to find a database for a specific subject  (e.g., Hisotry, Literature, etc.), search E-Research Tools by Subject, and first try the "Recommended Databases."  For example, see the E-research Tools for United States History.

Primary Source Newspapers & Magazines for the WWII Period

"I am an American" (Dorothea Lange photo) / Music Video with Archival Footage

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Exclusion Order posted in San Francisco, April 1942, ordering the evacuation of all people of Japanese ancestry. / Manzanar: “Never Again,” a short film by documentary filmmaker Ken Burns

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