Mary Beth Schell, MA, MLS: Director, NC AHEC Digital Library


Mary Beth Schell is the director of the NC AHEC Digital Library which provides access to health information resources and services for more than 37 North Carolina hospitals. Under her tenure the AHEC Digital Library has grown from a proof of concept project to an valued online portal meeting the health information needs of health professionals throughout North Carolina. Over the years, she has been adept at working with electronic library resources, negotiating with vendors, and trying to meet the needs of a library consortium.

Mary Beth facilitates access to library resources for off-campus faculty and preceptors of UNC Chapel Hill students.

Prior to working at UNC Chapel Hill, Mary Beth was a National Library of Medicine Fellow from 1998-2000. She conducted a second year fellowship at UNC Chapel Hill focusing on library leadership. Her professional interests include electronic resources, scholarly communication, and health information technology.

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NC AHEC and AHEC Digital Library

The NC AHEC Digital Library (ADL) is a collection of digital library services and resources compiled by AHEC librarians in order to support health care practice and clinical education in North Carolina. The ADL supports the NC AHEC Program and its libraries, as well as ADL hospital consortium members located throughout North Carolina. The ADL also welcomes guest users, who may use any of the resources that are not restricted by license to members. As a guest or member user, please feel free to contact to learn more about membership or request assistance from a librarian.  For more information About the AHEC Digital Library please visit our About Page

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Resource Guides and Publications

Schell, Mary Beth.  Interprofessional Practice and Education Special Collection. Webpage Housed in NC AHEC Digital Library. 2015.

Schell, Mary Beth. Affordable Care Act Special Collection. Webpage Housed in NC AHEC Digital Library.

Recent Publications

Schell, Mary Beth. “Disseminating Disaster Information: Three Trial Projects.”  Journal of Hospital Librarianship. Vol. 13, Iss. 3, 2013

Conference Presentations

Schell, Mary Beth; Tomola, Lauren. “Building an Institutional Repository to Host Email and other Gray Literature.” Poster presented at MLA 2013, Boston, MA.

Schell, Mary Beth. “ Evidence Based Practice and Digital Library Use for Pre-Hospital Personnel.” UNC Trauma Symposium. May 1, 2013. Friday Center. UNC Chapel Hill