Open Access and Scholarly Communications: Publishing

Call to Action

"Recommendation: Campuses should initiate discussions involving administration and faculty about modifying current practices and/or its intellectual property policies such that the university retains a set of rights sufficient to ensure that broad dissemination of the research and scholarly work produced by its faculty occurs."

Deposit Your Work in a Repository

An important author right to retain when publishing in a traditional journal is the ability to deposit your manuscript in a repository. 

Use Open Access / Open Archive Publishing Options

Here are resources to help you select an Open Access or an Open Archive journal in your subject area.

Advocate for Open Access

List of Predatory Publishers 2014

The author pay model of open access scholarly publishing has given rise to publications with quesitonable practices. If you are solicited to contribute to a journal that you do not know, it is a good idea to critically evaluate that journal. Check to see if the journal is on this list of Predatory Publishers. Read some of Beall's publisher critiques to help you identify characteristics questionable journals.