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Resources for faculty, librarians, students and health care professionals interested in learning about evidence-based practice.

Online Courses

Evidence-Based Medicine for the Medical Librarian

The format of the course is a combination of course material, independent readings, reviews and exercises. In addition, students are required to participate in discussions through the course Discussion Board. A final assignment integrating all the concepts learned during the previous weeks is also required. The course runs for 8 consecutive weeks. It will take approximately 30 hours to complete, depending on previous knowledge of EBM and other factors.

2015 Fall semester dates - August 18 to October 13 

Evidence Based Practice - Introductory Lecture (approximately 10 minutes)

The lecture provides history, definitions, and general background information that is helpful when first learning about evidence based medicine.  If you are interested in taking the full online course, described below, please feel free to contact us at lib-pref@uic.edu.

Online Tutorials

Introduction to Evidence-Based Practice
Medical Center Library, Duke University and Health Sciences Library, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

This self-paced tutorial will take you through the complete EBM process, emphasizing the elements of a well-built clinical question and the key issues that help determine the validity of evidence.

Evidence Based Medicine (EBM)
Duke University Medical Center Library

This Evidence Based Medicine (EBM) site is designed to assist faculty, house staff, and students in understanding and teaching the principles involved in practicing EBM.

Evidence Based Medicine
University of Illinois at Chicago Library

This EBM guide is designed to assist health care professionals and students become effective and efficient users of the medical literature. Topics covered: PICO, levels of evidence, searching MEDLINE, clinical filters, EBM databases, EBM publications, and EBM internet resources.

Evidence-Based Practice in the Health Sciences
Library of the Health Sciences-Chicago at the University of Illinois at Chicago

The Evidence-based Practice (EBP) tutorials are tailored to five health science disciplines: applied health, dentistry, medicine, nursing, and pharmacy. Each tutorial consists of five instructional modules, covering topics such as the research design, searching the literature, and evaluating the quality of research.

Evidence Based Practice (EBP): Improving Patient Care
University of California at Irvine

This online tutorial introduces learners to the basic concepts of evidence-based practice (EBP). The tutorial structured around an illustrative pediatric case scenario on Otitis Media and utilizes graphics, self assessment and voice-over narration. The case actively guides learners through the step-by-step EBP process: constructing a well-built answerable clinical question in therapy, researching articles using PubMed Clinical Queries, finding the evidence from a selected Randomized Controlled Trial, and a brief appraisal of the collected evidence. Since limited classroom time is allowed for EBP instruction in  the undergraduate medical education curriculum, this tutorial provides additional instruction outside the classroom.

Searching the Literature for Evidence-Based Medicine
University of California at San Francisco

In this interactive narrated tutorial, you will learn how to effectively search for evidence-based medicine literature that will help in your clinical decision making. The tutorial is designed for medical students and should take one hour to complete

Evidence Based Practice Tutorial for Nurses
Penn State University Libraries

The basic aim of this EBP tutorial is to walk you through these steps in an effort to make the process easier and more understandable for you.

Evidence Based Medicine
Suny Downstate Medical Center

This tutorial introduces EBM principles and strategies used in searching and evaluating the literature.

Published Series

AJN Series on Evidence Based Practice Step by Step
Arizona State University College of Nursing and Health Innovation's Center for the Advancement of Evidence-Based Practice 

This is a collection of articles, published in the American Journal of Nursing, to give nurses the knowledge and skills they need to implement EBP consistently, one step at a time.

Online Evidence-Based Emergency Medicine (EBEM)
Annals of Emergency Medicine and its publisher, Mosby, present an online series of articles regarding the basics and application of EBM to emergency medical patient care.