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Resources for faculty, librarians, students and health care professionals interested in learning about evidence-based practice.

Teaching Editor

Connie Schardt

Medical Center Library
Duke University
Durham, NC

Developing Curriculum

Evidence Based Medicine Curriculum for UW Medicine Residents
8 week course outline from the University of Washington.

Evidence Based Medicine - Finding the Best Clinical Literature
This guide is designed to assist health care professionals and students become effective and efficient users of the medical literature. From the University of Illinois Library of the Health Sciences at Peoria.

EBM Curriculum
Emory University, Departments of Emergency Medicine and Internal Medicine
EMAC is an ongoing effort to bring medical informatics and evidence-based medicine tools into the medical workplace.

A Novel EBM Curriculum for Use in a Family Medicine Clerkship
University of Massachusetts Medical School
A powerpoint slide presentation describing an EBM curriculum for use with 3rd year medical students.

Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine
KT (Knowledge Translation) Clearinghouse, Toronto, Canada
The goal of this site is to help develop, disseminate, and evaluate resources that can be used to practise and teach EBM for undergraduate, postgraduate and continuing education for health care professionals from a variety of clinical disciplines.

Teaching Tools

Everything for a DIY 1-day Workshop!  
Includes CEBM powerpoint presentations and worksheets to run a one-day course on evidence based practice.

Tips for learning and teaching (series published in CMAJ and online)
There are 2 versions of each article, one for learners of the EBM principle in question and one for their teachers. The learners' version will appear in print in CMAJ, and the related teachers' version will be published online. The online teachers' version will also give readers access to a variety of extra features, including interactive teaching exercises and other tools, such as PowerPoint slides.

Evidence Based Medicine (EBM)
This site is designed to assist faculty, house staff, and students in understanding and teaching the principles involved in practicing EBM. The site includes 6 units: EBM, Building Questions, Searching Literature, Appraising evidence, EBM at Duke, and Internet Resources.

Centre for Evidence Based Medicine (Oxford University)
CEBM's broad aim is to develop, teach and promote evidence-based health care and provide support and resources to doctors and health care professionals to help maintain the highest standards of medicine.

EBM Librarian
The purpose of this wiki is to develop a community of librarians who are involved in teaching and supporting the practice of Evidence-Based Medicine (EBM). This site offers a place to share teaching materials and class handouts, discuss issues and ask advice from colleagues, share useful information about teaching EBM. [some links aren't working, but the site still has a lot to offer]

Critical Appraisal Worksheets

Resource from JAMA which provides access to fundamental tools for understanding and applying the medical literature and making clinical diagnoses. Provides access to the Rational Clinical Examination series and the 2008 edition of the Users' Guide to the Medical Literature with additional teaching tools.

Critical Appraisal Worksheets
Duke University, Medical Center Library
These worksheets are based on the Users' Guide to the Medical Literature series published in JAMA. The worksheets include questions and a link to the full text article (Duke IP address required) explaining the appraisal process.

Critical appraisal worksheets
Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine in Toronto
This site provides access to interactive critical appraisal worksheets and calculators.

CAT Databases

Best BETS (Emergency Medicine)
BETs are created by the Emergency Department at Manchester Royal Infirmary, UK. Their purpose is to provide brief reviews of the best evidence about specific topics, to meet the specific needs of Emergency Medicine. CATs are used as a starting point for developing these reviews.

The PedsCCM Evidence-Based Journal Club
Peds Critical Care Medicine Evidence-Based Journal Club

EBM Calculators

Dr. Chris Cates's EBM Web Site
Good examples of ways to teaching statistical concepts.

Diagnostic Test Calculator
Online calculator from University of Illinois at Chicago. Allows you to calculate sensitivity, specificity and likelihood ratios online. Include a nomogram which is automatically filled in with the calculations.

EBM Calculator 
From Mount Sinai Hospital, University of Toronto, the EBM Calculator is designed to calculate relevant statistics for Diagnostic studies, Prospective Studies, Case Control Studies, and Randomized Control Trials (RCT). This is a palm version of the Stats Calculator

MedCalc 3000
MedCalc 3000 comprises a variety of common equations, clinical criteria scores and decision trees used in medicine. Includes a Quick Converter module to convert values from one unit to another, as well as a general Math Calculator. (PLEASE NOTE: To use MedCalc 3000 you must have a JavaScript enabled, frames capable browser.)