My NCBI: Saving and Filtering Searches in PubMed, Managing a Professional Bibliography: Filtering Searches

Filtering Searches in PubMed

You can narrow down search results from PubMed and other NCBI databases into smaller groups of interest by using filters. In My NCBI, you can select preferred filters that you would like to be active every time you run a search. This makes it easier to narrow a search by your specified filter criteria such as clinical trials or English in a PubMed search, since you do not have to select those preferred filters each time you run a new search. The filters you can choose to set up in My NCBI include any of the standard filters for a given database - for example, in PubMed, the standard filters are available along the left hand side of your PubMed results screen. You can also create custom filters for PubMed or for another NCBI database.

The preferred filters you set up in My NCBI will be displayed as links under the "Filter your results" heading on the far right-hand side of your PubMed screen after you have completed a search. They are arranged in alphabetical order by filter name. You may have up to 15 active filters at once in PubMed (up to 5 in other NCBI databases) - note that each filter is independent, and that at present, there is no way to combine filters. Click a link to see only the articles within the domain of that filter. To change filters, click the "Manage Filters" link below the list.

Selecting Filters

To select filters, click the "My NCBI" link in the blue navigation bar at the top-right corner of your PubMed screen. Scroll down to the Filters box. Here, you can select the appropriate NCBI database - in this case, click PubMed to set filters for literature searches. You can view the filters by clicking the "Manage Filters" link in the box.

Filters include the following categories:

  • Popular: Articles that are most frequently sought.
  • LinkOut: Articles with links (most likely full-text access) via outside organizations, including UNC-CH.
  • Links: Articles with links to NCBI databases, including GenBank, dbSNP, and OMIM.
  • Properties: Articles with specified characteristics, including language, age/gender of subject, human/animal studies, subset, publication date/type, and clinical or health services research queries.

Under a category, you can choose a filter by checking the box next to the filter name. Once you've selected a filter, it will appear in a list at the left. You also have the option to create a custom filter from this page, by clicking the green "Create custom filter" button above the list.

Once you have set your filters, you can return to PubMed to go back to your searching by clicking the "My NCBI" link at the top-right of the page and using the "Search NCBI databases" box on the resulting page.

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