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Anne Gilliland, MSLIS, JD

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Anne Gilliland
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After several decades' of work as a university librarian and for a library consortium, I went to law school in mid-life.  I came to work at Carolina in June 2012.


  • M.S. in Library and Information Sciences, University of Tennessee
  • J.D., Capital University, Columbus OH

Research Interests

  • Privacy issues in health sciences archives and special collections.
  • Copyright information needs in the academy.

Scholarly Communications Office

My role as Scholarly Communications Officer is to design and implement a program that will position the UNC Library to take full advantage of and contribute to the evolution of scholarly publishing practices within the academy.  I provide guidance, policy development, and advocacy to faculty, students, and staff on  the following issues:

  • Copyright and fair use
  • Authors' rights
  • Privacy rights
  • Open access
  • Other information policy issues important to the creation and use of scholarly material

Contact Me for a Consultation

I offer consultations to individuals and small groups on a variety of scholarly communications issues.  We can communicate face to face, by phone, or by email.  

Presentations and Workshops

I offer workshops and presentations on copyright, scholarly publishing, and related topics held at the library, at your office, in a department meeting area, or a classroom.  

Topics include  copyright issues when reproducing images on websites, copyright when preparing scholarly papers, issues with publishing contracts, copyright issues with music or video projects, and best practices when using photographs of people online.  

I tailor examples and emphases to the discipline and subject area, and I can also adjust the length of the presentation to your needs.

Recent Articles and Presentations

Cross, William, Gilliland, Anne & Smith, Kevin.  Librarianship in the Evolving Legal Environment.  Presentation to the Triangle Research Libraries Network Annual Meeting, July 22, 2013.

Hurtubise L, Mahan, J, Martin B and Gilliland AT. To Play or Not to Play: Leveraging Video in Medical Education. Journal of Graduate Medical Education, v. 5, no. 1 (March 2013). 

Gilliland, Anne. Current Issues and Controversies in Copyright and Scholarly Publishing.  Presentation to the UNC Scholarly Communications Working Group, December 12, 2012

Cross, William, Gilliland, Anne & Smith, Kevin.  Staying Safe & Sane: Fair Use, Digitization & Best Practices for Special Librarians.  Presentation to the North Carolina Special Libraries Association, October 19, 2012.  

Gilliland, Anne T. and Wiener, Judith A. Privacy and Confidentiality Issues in Historical Health Sciences Collections.  39 Northern Kentucky Law Review, 189 (2012). 

Gilliland, Anne T. and Wiener, Judith A. Privacy Issues in Archives Access.  Presentation to the Privacy Roundtable: The Central State Hospital Archives Project.  October 5, 2012, Richmond VA.  


This site is not legal advice, and I am not legal counsel to the university or any members of the university community.

UNCScholComm on Twitter

Currently Reading

Tyler, Tom R.  Why People Obey the Law.  Yale University Press, 1990.

Ginsburg, Jane C.  Exceptional Authorship: The Role of Copyright Exceptions in Promoting Creativity.  Forthcoming in: EVOLUTION AND EQUILIBRIUM: COPYRIGHT THIS CENTURY (Susy Frankel and Daniel Gervais, eds. 2013) 

Library Copyright Alliance Statement.  Hearing on Innovation in America:  The Role of Copyrights.

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