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Digital Literacy Projects: Magazine Article

Information about a few types of digital literacy projects.


Give your research or essay a polished finish by laying it out like a professional magazine article. Incorporating images and a balanced layout will engage and excite your readers. This webpage is full of tips and resources to help you design a magazine article that will grab the attention of any reader.


If you're a new InDesign user, laying out a magazine article from scratch may seem overwhelming. This template opens up an InDesign file with the basic content of your article already laid out. Simply fill in the content boxes with your images and text!

Using the Template - these step-by-step instructions will show you how to use InDesign to create your magazine article.


5 Tips in 5 Minutes | Design Lab tutorial | 5m 33s

screenshot of instructor Sean Adams

Graphic Design Foundations: Layout and Composition | LinkedIn Learning Tutorial | 02h 3m

How Magazine Design Engages and Entertains | CreativeLive | 04m 23s

Get Inspired

with examples from The Scientific American




Design Assets


Find images for your title spread and for your article interior

More info on citing and reusing media ethically

Color Schemes

Tools to help you choose a color scheme


Customize your magazine spread with unique fonts that match your article's tone and purpose

For Instructors

Special thanks to go Tiffany Friedman, who created this assignment!