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Digital Literacy Projects: Academic Poster

Information about a few types of digital literacy projects.


IconA well designed academic poster will showcase how awesome your research really is. This webpage is filled with tips and tricks on how to make your academic poster stand out from the crowd with a powerful, clean, and exciting look.



Planning Worksheet

This worksheet will help you plan your academic poster. Planning might not be exciting, but with a project this big and with all your awesome research to share planning is a must. This guide will help you map out your ideas and plan your design, and also has a handy final checklist to make sure your academic poster is ready to share with the world.


Poster template designed by MDC

This template is designed with you in mind. Each section has tips and tricks on how to make your academic poster. Once you're done reading, clear the directions and start placing in work of your own! Includes information on text, color, layout, and resources. This template comes in both PowerPoint and InDesign. 


get inspired by these academic posters


Library Science

Speech and Hearing Sciences



For more models, visit the Carolina Digital Repository collection of scholarly posters and presentations.

More Info


For more resources, check out UNC Graduate School's Poster and Presentation Resources









New to InDesign? No fear! Check out  this LinkedIn Learning for an introduction or our InDesign Quickguide below.


Design Assets

Find images to include in your presentation

More info on citing and reusing media ethically

Color Schemes
Tools to help you choose a color scheme


Free Fonts
Customize your presentation with creative, eye-catching fonts