RefWorks: For Alumni

UNC Libraries’ subscription to RefWorks will end August 31, 2017.

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Creating an alumni RefWorks account

To create an alumni RefWorks account, contact us via Ask a Librarian:

  1. Provide your name, your Refworks account name (if any), the year you graduated, and the degree you earned.
  2. We will verify your alumni status and reply to you with the UNC group code, which is necessary to setting up an account.
  3. If necessary, we can also help you set up an account.

If you already have a Refworks account:

  1. Go directly to RefWorks. Bookmark this page to easily access it in the future. Do not go through the HSL website.
  2. When logged into your RefWorks account, select Update Profile> Type of User.
  3. Change your Type of User to "alumni", then click Update.

Accessing an alumni RefWorks account

In order to access your RefWorks account as an alum you will need to go directly to RefWorks.

Links to RefWorks from the HSL or UNC Libraries more generally may require you to enter your Onyen, which is no longer working.

If you are having problems accessing your RefWorks account, please contact us via Ask A Librarian.

What RefWorks features are available to alumni?

Alumni users have access to most RefWorks features and updates, including:

  • Write-n-Cite
  • RefGrab-It
  • RefShare

However, alumni RefWorks users do not have full-text access through the "Find @ UNC" button. One way to handle this is - when able to access full-text as an active UNC affiliate - download the full-text to your computer and attach the file to the reference in your RefWorks account. For further instructions on how to do so, look here.

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