Digital Health Technologies

Using digital health in healthcare, research, and education. Information on work/research being done here at UNC-Chapel Hill.

Digital Health Device Collection @ HSL

We have the world’s first and foremost collection of digital health devices available for checkout! The collection includes devices that track activity, posture, breath, vitals, vision, sleep, air quality, and more.

The Health Sciences Library’s Digital Health Device Collection provides faculty, staff, and students with resources and potential digital health solutions for patient care or research projects. These consumer and clinical devices are available to anyone at UNC to try/explore/discover.

Checking out items from the collection

  • Device checkout/viewing is by appointment only. Contact Lynn Eades at to set up a consultation.
  • Devices check-out for seven days and can be renewed once
  • If a device is needed for a study or semester long assignment, we can work to accommodate this request
  • 98% of the devices require an app.  You will need to have a smartphone (Android or iOS) or iPad/iPod Touch/Tablet
  • Devices will be reset when returned

Some of the items in the collection

View the complete collection in the UNC Catalog


Tracks toxins and chemicals in the air and gives personalized recommendations

Support for Awair Compatibility: iOS and Android

Helps you measurably improve your sleep, recovery, and performance.

Support for Biostrap Compatibility: iOS and Android

Non-contact thermometer. Stethoscope records heart and breath sounds.

Support Compatibility: iOS and Android Additional info: Works with the Doctor on Demand app (iPhone, iPad, Android and on the Web).
CoreSense HRV sensor

Heart rate variability sensor

Support for CorSense Compatibility: : iOS and Android

Eko Duo Digital Stethoscope
Eko Duo stethoscope

DUO is a portable and powerful combined ECG + digital stethoscope designed for clinical use.

Support for Eko Duo Digital Stethoscope Compatibility: iOS and Android
Embr Wave
Embr Wave

Heating and cooling wristband. Experience thermal comfort on demand.

Support for Embr Wave Compatibility: iOS and Android
Gyenno Spoon and Fork
Gyenno Spoon

Intelligent tableware capable of detecting and offsetting hand tremors

Support for Gyenno
HeartMath Inner Balance

Reduce stress and anxiety by increasing your inner balance and self-security

Support for HeartMath Inner Balance Compatibility: iOS

High powered vein finder

Support for Illumivein
iSPO2 Pulse Oximeter

Track and trend blood oxygenation, pulse rate and perfusion index

Support for iSPO2 Pulse Oximeter Compatibility: iOS
Kardia Mobile

Get your EKG/ECG reading via your phone

Support for Kardia Mobile Compatibility: iOS and Android
Kardia Mobile 6L
Kardia 6L

KardiaMobile 6L has two electrodes on the top for your fingers, and one on the bottom to contact the skin of your left leg. KardiaMobile 6L delivers EKG leads I, II, III, aVL, aVR, and aVF.

Support for Kardia Mobile 6L Compatibility: iOS and Android
Koogeek Thermometer

Advanced infrared technology provides more secure and accurate one-second temperature measurement

Support for Koogeek Compatibility: iOS and Android
Littmann Stethoscope
Littmann Stethoscope

Offers Ambient Noise Reduction technology and sound amplification to help you hear with confidence

Support for Littmann
Memo Box Mini Smart Pillbox

Medication records tracker, programmable reminder and double dose alert

Support for Memo Box Compatibility: iOS and Android
Mindwave Brainwave Sensing Headset
Mindwave Brainwave Sensing Headband

MindWave Mobile 2 EEG headsets are the culmination of decades of EEG biosensor technology research—all in one easy-to-control, wearable package

Support for Mindwave Compatibility: iOS and Android
Muse Headband

Brain sensing headband that guides your meditation through changing sounds

Support for Muse Compatibility: iOS and Android
Muse 2
Muse 2

Muse 2 is a multi-sensor meditation device that provides real-time feedback on your brain activity, heart rate, breathing, and body movements to help you build a consistent meditation practice.

Support for Muse 2 Compatibility: iOS and Android

Stress management device

Support for Pip Compatibility: iOS and Android
Polar H10

Heart rate sensor

Support for Polar H10 Compatibility: iOS and Android
Polar Wearlink
Polar WireLink

The Polar Bluetooth Wearlink picks up your hearts signals and seamlessly transfers those signals to a compatible mobile training application.

Support for Polar Wearlink Compatibility: iOS and Android

Wireless blood pressure monitor

Support for QardioArm Compatibility: iOS, Android, Amazon Kindle and Fire

Monitor UV exposure and vitamin D levels

Support for QSun Compatibility: iOS and Android

Measures body fat, muscle strength & weakness. Provides personalized workout plans

Support Compatibility: iOS and Android
Upright Go
Upright Go

Improves posture, strengthens back muscles

Support for Upright Go Compatibility: iOS and Android
Withings Sleep Mat
Withings Sleep Mat

Tracks sleep cycles (deep, light & REM), heart rate and snoring

Support for Withings Sleep Mat Compatibility: iOS and Android
Wynd Air Quality Tracker
Wynd Air Tracker

Monitors air quality. It senses airborne particulate matter—including dust, allergens, and industrial pollution—in real time.

Support for Wynd Compatibility: iOS and Android