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Using digital health in healthcare, research, and education. Information on work/research being done here at UNC-Chapel Hill.


Mobile apps have become invaluable.  They keep us connected with people around us, keep us on-time, and help us stay fit.  Finding the right app for the right circumstance can be a challenge.

Types of apps

The types of apps available can be broken down into six functionalities 1:

  1. Lifestyle - accelerate or support the individual facets of a lifestyle.  These apps relate to fitness, dating, food, music and travel
  2. Social Media - ability to share information in our day-to-day lives.  Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Snapchat fall into this category.
  3. Utility - help us in our day-to day.  These apps include calendars, calculators, and weather apps.
  4. Games/Entertainment - the largest category and most used.  Angry Birds is one of the most popular games available.
  5. Productivity - the ability to perform a task quickly/easily.  Using your phone to pay for a coffee or working with a spreadsheet on the go fall into this category
  6. News/Information Outlets - keeping up to date with what is happening around us

1 Matteo. What are the different types of mobile apps?  Breaking down industries and functionalities.  (Reviewed 2019 Aug 1)


Finding apps

Google Play Store (

App Store for iOS (

PC Magazine (  - Reviews apps in all categories.  The magazine produces a 100 best list for both Android and iOS apps each year

iMedicalApps ( - Founded by a medial student, it is the leading online publication for health care apps. See RSS feed below for the latest reviews.

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Medical/Health apps

Many medical/clinical apps are via subscription.  The UNC Health Sciences Library provides access to several apps such as AccessMedicine, Epocrates, and Up-to-Date.  For information on how to access these apps visit our Mobile Health & Research Apps at UNC guide.

Health Sciences librarians have developed great lists of apps in healthcare.  Here are just a few: