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CMPL 460 - 001: Romantic Imagination & the Modern World, Spring 2017 (Prof. Jan Koelb)

Selecting Appropriate Subject Databases

Because of the broad range of possible topics that can be chosen for the final project, it may be necessary to look at various subject databases to find the appropriate critical literature on your topic.  The easiest way to approach this is by first looking at  E-Research by Discipline. For example, depending on your topic, you might want to look at databases in areas as diverse as   Art and Architecture or Music  or Philosophy -- in addition to English & Comparative Literature.

Generally, within these subject categories, the Recommended Databases will include some of the major databases for that discipline.

Examples of Potentially Useful Databases

William Blake, from The Marriage of Heaven & Hell / The Proverbs Of Hell (William Blake's poem) by Marilyn Manson

(image may be subject to copyright)

William Wordsworth's The Prelude / Brief Reading fromThe Prelude

(image may be subject to copyright)

Samuel Taylor Coleridge, Biographia Literaria / COLERIDGE & ROMANTICISM BY DOUGLAS HEDLEY

(Image may be subject to copyright)

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