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Resources for faculty, librarians, students and health care professionals interested in learning about evidence-based practice.

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Welcome to the Evidence Based Practice Education Center of Excellence!

This collection of evidence-based practice (EBP) resources is intended for faculty, librarians, students and health care professionals interested in learning about EBP. Our goal is to make this site your preferred entry point when you wish to learn EBP, teach EBP, find current EBP research, or find key EBP resources.

The Health Sciences Library at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill currently hosts this site, but it has been the collaborative effort of many librarians at campuses across the state of North Carolina.

In 2000, NC AHEC librarians and academic librarians who taught formal EBP programs formed a team to create this virtual EBP Education Center of Excellence. Many of us are still contributing to the project.  Other librarians have provided valuable assistance over the last ten years.  We extend our appreciation to all of our colleagues for their part in keeping this site an essential resource for everyone involved in the practice of evidence based health care. 

Description of Contents

What's New

The What's New section highlights major news and developments in evidence-based practice. This section also highlights changes to the web site.

Teaching EBP

The Teaching EBP section contains information to support the teaching of EBP. You will find examples of EBP curriculum, worksheets and information to use with question building, search strategies, and critical appraisal, in addition to CAT databases and EBM calculators.


The Workshops section, previously referred to as Learning, provides a list of workshops you can attend to learn the principles and process of EBP. Workshops held in North Carolina are listed first, followed by those in the US and Canada and abroad. 


The Tutorials section, previously found in both the Learning and Teaching sections, are now merged into a section of their own.  They include online courses and tutorials, as well as published collections of articles available for CE credit. 


The Research section serves as a link to recent articles from Medline concerning the teaching and the practice of evidence-based medicine. Click on the Abstract link to read available abstracts.


The Resources section is designed to provide you with a starting point for your EBP collections.  It contains an annotated list of selected print and electronic resources, including databases, journals and books. Links to publishers' web sites and reviews are also provided, if available.

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