EndNote X9

Exporting References from Web of Science

Note: These instructions apply to all Thomson Reuters databases.

Step 1: Exporting Citations Out of Web of Science

1. Conduct a search in Web of Science.

2. Check the boxes next to articles for the citations you wish to export to your EndNote library. If you wish to download the entire page or the entire results list, you don't need to check any boxes. 

3. Click the blue Export button and select EndNote Desktop.

4. In the dialog box, select which citations you want to export and select the record content (i.e., the citation metadata) you want included. You can export up to 500 citations at one time in Web of Science. Click Export. A .ciw file will download. 

5. If you are making more than one export from Web of Science, you'll notice that your export settings automatically save for the duration of your session. These settings include the export type and the record content that gets exported, . You can now click Export to EndNote Desktop and another citation file will automatically download. If you wish to change the export type or add/remove any of the citation's metadata, click the More dropdown menu and make your selection.



Step 2: Importing Citations Into EndNote

There are two methods for importing the citation file into EndNote. If the citations do not appear in your EndNote library when you use the first method, try the second method.

Method #1

1. Locate the .ciw file in your downloads and double click or right click and select Open. 

2.Your citations will automatically appear in your EndNote library.  If you do not already have EndNote open, your computer will open your EndNote library.


Method #2

If you have a Mac, please see alternate instructions here.

1. In EndNote, locate the Import option and select File.

3. Select the .ciw file downloaded from Web of Science. Set Import Option to ISI-CEIf you do not see ISI-CE in the dropdown, select Other Filters and search for ISI-CE in the list. 

4. Select Import. Your citations should now load into EndNote.