EndNote Basic/Online/Web

This guide will provide support for students and researchers who are using either Endnote Basic or the full Endnote Online

Using Match

Match is a service that will  help you find the best journal for your article or manuscript. (If you've ever used JANE for the health sciences, this is the same thing, but for a broader set of disciplines). 

To use it:

  1. Enter the title and abstract of your article in the appropriate fields.
  2. If you save the references you used for the article  as a group in your Endnote Online account,  select the group from a dropdown menu below the Title and Abstract fields.
  3. Endnote will then provide you with a list of compatible journals, along with each journal's impact factor and which keywords from your Title/Abstract entries match keywords in the journal.
  4. Clicking the Submit button will take you to the homepage of the relevant journal.

Find the Best Fit Journals for your Manuscript