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ENGL105i, sections 10 and 11: Writing in Business, Spring 2019

Company Description

The U.S. Small Business Administration defines the company description section:

“Use your company description to provide detailed information about your company. Go into detail about the problems your business solves. Be specific, and list out the consumers, organization, or businesses your company plans to serve.

Explain the competitive advantages that will make your business a success. Are there experts on your team? Have you found the perfect location for your store? Your company description is the place to boast about your strengths.”

Here's two articles about writing a business/company description:

Market Analysis

Use these resources to research the major components of the market analysis section:

Industry description & outlook

  • IBISWorld Industry Reports
    high-level overviews of most U.S. industries. Search by keyword or browse industries.
  • BCC Research
    reports focusing on science & technology industries.
  • Statista
    Contains statistics, infographics, industry and market research reports and publicly-available data for over 25 countries. There is a special focus on digital markets as well as emerging industries and social trends. Collections of statistics can be downloaded in Excel, PowerPoint, or PDF.

Target market

  • Mintel Oxygen
    search by keyword or browse for reports about market groups.
  • SimplyAnalytics
    Find a whole lot of census and consumer behavior data on a lovely map. You can download the maps and reports you create to have good visuals for your pitch, too. Watch the 5 minute "Intro to SimplyAnalytics" tutorial video under the "Support" menu, and see this guide for help.
  • Social Explorer
    Look at census/demographic data on a map. You can download maps/visuals here, too

Competitive Analysis

Marketing & Sales

Look for reports on consumer behavior for your target group, also called market research reports. Reports like this tell you broadly what a particular group cares about, how they get information, and other insights.

Financial Projections

The amount of funding you request will depend on your financial projections.

Find financial data/statistics for your industry in IBISWorld.

A Word on Keywords

Databases are good, and they're great when they give you relevant information without a lot of heartache. Telling the database what you want is usually a trial and error process of figuring out how other people are talking about your idea:

  1. You have your idea and some words to describe it.
  2. You search the database using your words. Maybe you get relevant results. Maybe you don't. If you don't, then...
  3. Brainstorm different words, synonyms perhaps. Maybe this time you get a few relevant results. What words do those articles use to describe your idea?
  4. Search again, using the new words.

The Pitch

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