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Eglish 292 - 001: Depictions of Childhood in Literature and the Visual Arts, Fall 2018 (Prof. Laurie Langbauer)

Bruce Davidson, Welsh Child / Vintage Photography Project

Bruce Davidson photo Welsh Child

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Course Description

In this course, our focus will be on the depiction of childhood.  What objections do the representations of children spur or address?  What times or places give them shape?  How might they represent an attempt to shape the thinking or behavior of actual children?  To enforce or refuse stereotypes of children?  To give voice to children themselves?


Our approach will employ careful reading of formal conventions—for example, what different conventions shape photographs and drawings?  It will also stress specific social and historical contexts—in what particular circumstances were these works produced: when? where? given what economic means?  by whom exactly were they produced—what age? what gender? what race?—what else?—might their authors or artists be?"

What is on this Course Page?

On this page you will find resources and research tips for this course. The highlighted resources are organized in the following  categories:

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Lewis W. Hine /Children at Work/ Beyond Their Years

Lewis Hine book Children at Work

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