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ENGL 304: Advanced Business Communication

Mini-Lecture & Activity

The mini-lecture has 3 parts:

1.  Biases & Assumptions
2.  Who are the stakeholders?
3.  Approaches to research

Download the 16 Biases handout and worksheet to complete the activity described in Part One of the mini-lecture.

Who are your stakeholders?

There's a) your client; b) your client's audience of students who live off-campus; c) long-term neighborhood residents; d) local government, community organizations, etc.

Start with these resources to research your stakeholders.

Additional resources

Use these resources to augment your research.

Understand the problem: Secondary research resources

Many scholars have studied and written on the issues you are learning about, including "gentrification, racial bias, white privilege, economic disparity, educational opportunities, a historical sense of ownership, and the guarding/preserving of a neighborhood’s culture and history."

Search for scholarly articles and studies in these databases to increase your understanding.

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