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F1000 Workspace

Google Drive add-on

The F1000 add-on for Google Drive is similar to the Word plugin-it allows you to insert citations and bibliographies into your Google Doc from your F1000 account. The add-on also allows you to search PubMed from the Google Drive interface.

To install, click the Add-ons dropdown menu and click "Get Add-ons." You may have to search for the F1000 Add-on.

  • If you do not have an F1000 account, you will be prompted to create one before you can use the add-on.
  • If you do have an account, you'll be asked to sign in.

Insert citations

Select the Insert Citation option on the F1000 dropdown menu. The Insert Citation dialog box will appear on the right side of the screen, with a list of the references you have saved to your F1000 account. Click Cite to insert them into your paper, or click the title of an individual reference to see the abstract.

Insert citations   

 Clicking on PubMed in the Insert Citation dialog will allow you to search PubMed from the Google Drive interface. You won't be able to search MeSH headings from the interface, but you can do the equivalent of a basic search. 

Insert citations: PubMed

Smart Citations

Selecting the Smart Citations option from the F1000 menu will open a dialog box where you can click the blue Get smart citations button and get citations similar to those you already have in your F1000 account. F1000 will select references that it calculates are similar in topic to those you already have. It's not entirely clear how the algorithm for this works or what basis they use to choose the smart citations.

Get smart citations

Format citations and bibliography

Clicking this option in the F1000 dropdown menu will allow you to choose the citation style for your in-text citations and bibliography, Be aware that changing the style of your document can take a while--after choosing your style, do not try to click around even if nothing seems to be changing. Just give it some time. Clicking will end up messing up the formatting you are trying to change.

Format citations and bibliography

Link document to project

This is a unique feature of the F1000 Add-in, which allows you to link your document to one of your projects in F1000. Linking the document to a project will allow you to view the notes you've stored in that project. If you add new citations to your document, they will be automatically added to your project on F1000.

Link document to project

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