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F1000 Workspace

Guide to F1000 Browser Extension

Guide to F1000 Browser Extension (says Firefox but is demonstrated in Safari--works similarly across browsers)

Once installed, use the F1000 extension to import references and to add notes to articles on the web.  It works on all webpages and online PDFs (viewed within a browser).

Screen capture guides (some with audio) cover the following topics (selectable from the left column of the Getting Started-Browser Extension Intro Guide):

  • Getting started--Browser Extension Intro (2:49 screen capture with audio)
  • Saving from websites
  • Saving online PDFs 
    • Note: this feature is currently only supported in Chrome, Safari and Opera; however, with the desktop app, you can set up a 'watch folder' so that anytime you download a PDF it can automatically get imported into your reference library.
  • Annotating websites
  • Annotating PDFs
  • Troubleshooting (ensuring browser extension F icon appears)
  • More help
    • Further help with the F1000 browser extension or other aspects of F1000Workspace is available on the F1000 Browser Extension FAQ Help pages or you can message the F1000 team from within your F1000Workspace by clicking on the ? in the small blue circle near the bottom right corner of your Workspace. 
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