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F1000Workspace is a unified space for writing, collecting, citing, & sharing scientific literature. It features a web-based application, a browser extension, a Word plugin, and a desktop app. 

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  • Web based application: The main F1000Workspace website--manage, store, share your references from any computer.
  • Browser extension: Collect & annotate references as you discover them online. More
    • We recommend against using with the Edge browser at this time.
  • Microsoft Word plugin: Find & insert citations; generate bibliographies; save manuscripts with version control to F1000 Workspace. More
  • Desktop app: Desktop PDF importer with watch folder to automatically save PDFs and their citation data. More
  • Google Docs add-on: Find & insert citations; generate bibliographies.  More
  • For Macs, the Manuscript plugin (suspended awaiting version 2.0). Works with iOS app word processing program (like MS Word) that has various features to help with research papers.  More

F1000Workspace also integrates F1000Prime, the literature recommendation service powered by F1000’s Faculty of experts in all areas of Biology and Medicine (now reaching 11,000 members). Additionally, it connects with F1000Research, F1000’s Open Science publishing platform which offers immediate publication followed by thorough, transparent post-publication peer review.

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