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F1000 Workspace

Librarian Tools for F1000Workspace

Among the F1000 Workspace Librarian Tools are these (there are additional flyers, brochures, and logos):



  • Your account "expired." 
    • This may be due to off-campus roaming for more than 60 days (see below). 
    • It is also possible that you signed up, by mistake, for a free 30-day trial account, instead of our free UNC institutional account.  This happens most often if you use a non-UNC email address, especially if you sign up from off campus.  In this case, just message F1000Workspace support and they will shift your account to the full, institutional access for UNC. 
  • Off-campus roaming: currently, users must log on from campus or through our proxy server (i.e., using the links from the HSL site or guides) at least once every 60 days. 
    • If you are unable to do either of these, message F1000Workspace support and they will reset your roaming counter. If you are a UNC distance education student or you are permanently assigned off campus, please let them know.  
  • One note about proxy access, very occasionally (and we have not seen this at UNC, so far) users accessing F1000Workspace via a proxy server are unable to install the browser extension (in tools). If this happens, try this:
  • Unable to upload PDF’s via Google Drive, Dropbox, or OneDrive due to an authentication issue
  • F1000Workspace support has been outstanding.  You can message them from within F1000Workspace, and you will generally receive a response within a few hours. 
    • F1000Workspace Message/Chat icon:   F1000Workspace Support Message/Chat Button
  • Don't forget HSL Ask Us at the top of every HSL web page. 

F1000Workspace FAQ Help Guides & Video Guides

F1000Workspace Overall FAQ Help Guide

  • Accessible directly from link above or from within F1000Workspace (HELP button on top right)
  • The FAQ Help pages (as opposed to video guides) are meant to answer specific issues that users have asked multiple times. The intention is to find a answer quickly.

F1000 Workspace Vimeo Video Guides (full set of 9)

The Guides (as opposed to Help FAQ's) are meant to be a high level overview of features and have screen shots. The intention is to give a broader understanding of a feature.  F1000Workspace video topics include the following (not all have audio; some are screen captures):

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