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F1000 Workspace

The Word Plugin

Word Plugin Video & FAQ Help Guides Pages

Word Plugin Video Guides Page (all Word Plugin video guides are accessible from here)

The Guides are meant to be a higher level overview of features and has screen shots. The intention is to give a broader understanding of a feature.  Topics include the following:

  • Getting started
  • Insert citations
  • Create bibliography
  • Smart citation suggestions
  • Search PubMed
  • Edit citations
  • View project notes & activity
  • Troubleshooting
  • More help

Word Plugin FAQ Help Guides (all Word Plugin FAQ's are accessible from here)

The FAQ Help pages are meant to answer specific issues that users have asked multiple times. The intention is to find a answer quickly. 

Basic topics include the following:

Advanced Topics & Troubleshooting include the following (check overall FAQ page for most recent additions):



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