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MUSC 266: Advanced Composition: Using Finale in the Music Library

A guide to using Finale in the Music Library

Saving your Finale file

The best way to save your Finale file (.mus) is on your own USB drive. Our computers wipe new files daily. If you forget your USB drive, you can also email the file to yourself as an attachment.

Printing at the Music Library

The Music Library does not have a CCI printer, but you can print here by charging your UNC expense account to the printer called Music Black & White. You can also send your file to a CCI printer elsewhere on campus.

Because printers can sometimes change formatting, we recommend that you save your Finale file as a .pdf before printing out a hard copy. After you review the .pdf for formatting, you can save your .pdf to a USB drive to print elsewhere or in the Music Library.

Viewing or printing your Finale file with your personal computer

If you have Finale on your own computer, you should be able to start writing on your program and continue on the Music Library computers, or vice-versa. There may be some compatibility issues with older or newer versions of Finale, however. The Music Library runs Finale 2010.

Another option is Finale Notepad, which is a limited, free version of the software that lets you view, make some edits, and print any Finale file (.mus). You can download it for either Mac or PC by following the link below.


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