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Finding Health Information: A Path Through the Maze

This tutorial gives you an overview of key basic concepts and techniques for accessing health information using several online tools and databases.


1. Why would you want to use E-Research by Discipline?

A. To find a book that might be available online
Sorry. To find books, use the catalog.

B. To select a database to search
Correct! All databases provided by campus libraries are organized by subject and linked through this page.

C. To electronically organize the results of your search
Sorry. The E-Indexes and Databases do not help you organize your search results.

2. Why would you want to use the MedlinePlus Drugs & Supplements information?

A. To request a prescription from any campus department.
Sorry. MedlinePlus does not provide prescriptions.

B. To learn about drug interactions and adverse reactions, or to find a drug monograph

C. To learn how to become a pharmacist
Sorry. MedlinePlus does not provide this kind of information.

3. If you are trying to find an article and only have an abbreviated journal name, you should:

A. Check PubMed's Journal Browser to retrieve the full title.
Correct! PubMed's Journal Browser may work. If it doesn't, contact a librarian for assistance.

B. Use the abbreviated title in UNC's web catalog to retrieve the full title.
Sorry. You need the full title to use the web catalog.

C. Do a Google search
Sorry, but a Google search is unlikely to help.

4. Why would you want to search MedlinePlus?

A. It includes online tutorials to help you learn about health conditions and diagnostic procedures
Yes, but that's not the only reason.

B. It provides health information in language that an average consumer can understand
Yes, but that's not the only reason.

C. Both A and B
Correct! It's easy to understand, and it has helpful health tutorials.

5. How can you access MedlinePlus?

A. Only on campus
No, you do not have to be on campus to access MedlinePlus.

B. By going directly to the MedlinePlus website, or through the Health Sciences Library's website
Correct! You can access MedlinePlus either way.

C. Through any doctor's office
Sorry, MedlinePlus most likely won't be offered in a doctor's office.

6. What is the difference between MEDLINE and MedlinePlus?

A. MEDLINE provides links to journal articles. MedlinePlus provides links to pamphlets and web pages but not to journal articles
Yes, but there are other differences.

B. MEDLINE is designed for healthcare providers. MedlinePlus provides information in language that healthcare consumers can understand
Yes, but there are other differences

C. Both A and B
Correct! Both A and B describe features that distingush MedlinePlus from MEDLINE.

7. True or False? PubMed is the best way for the average consumer to get free health information online.

A. True
Sorry. PubMed is designed for researchers, clinicians, and other medical professionals.

B. False
Correct! MedlinePlus, not PubMed, is the best way for the average consumer to get free health information online.

8. In PubMed, the blue button that appears in the Abstract display allows you to:

A. Determine if the article was written by a UNC physician
Sorry. Although by chance this could be true, clicking on the button will not tell you this

B. Search for the article in UNC's e-journal collection
Correct! Click on the button to search for the full text of the article in UNC's e-journals.

C. Do nothing extra. It is just an advertisement for UNC
Sorry, this is not correct

9. How can you access the databases provided by UNC Libraries?

A. Through the Health Sciences Library homepage only
Sorry. Going through the HSL website is one way, but not the only way.

B. By obtaining permission from a UNC systems librarian
Sorry, but this is not correct.

C. Through the HSL homepage or the UNC Libraries E-Research by Discipline page.
Correct! You can access electronic indexes and databases several ways.

10. You are searching the catalog for the journal Nature. If you search for this title using the 'Anywhere' search option, you will

A. receive all materials in the library catalog associated with the word "nature"

B. receive a listing for only the journal Nature
Sorry, this is incorrect

C. receive an error stating that the catalog needs more information to proceed
Sorry, this is incorrect

11. You are looking for an article on fad diets in Health Source Nursing/Academic Edition. You enter the search phrase "fad diet" and then search. Do you find any articles in full text? (Go to Health Source to find out.)

A. Yes
Correct! There are full-text articles about fad diets available through Health Source.

B. No
Sorry, this is incorrect

12. You've heard that grapefruit may affect the action of drugs. You decide to search Health Source. Which phrase would narrow your search to only the most relevant items?

A. grapefruit
Sorry, this is not the correct answer

B. drug actions
Sorry, but this is not the correct answer.

C. grapefruit AND drugs

You have completed the tutorial! Print out your certificate

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