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HBEH 748: Design Thinking for the Public Good

This guide is contains resources to support your work in HBEH 748: Design Thinking for the Public Good.

Doing research can be like trying to drink water out of a fire hydrant. Use these resources, research strategies, and frameworks to help slow down the information flow to a garden hose.

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Getting Started

Find e-books on human-centered design from the UNC Libraries at this link.

Other Specialized Guides that may help you:

  • Social Lean Canvas:
    If you're using the Lean Canvas model to organize your social innovation, this guide can help. It contains information sources organized on the Lean Canvas model.
  • Market Research Basics
    Research strategies & information sources. You can transfer these market research strategies to many contexts. As you work through this tutorial, how can you translate the research strategies into language related to social innovation? E.g. "Finding competitors" becomes "finding partners". What are other solutions in your area? If you're a business, you want to find out because your product/service is competing for customers. For social innovation, you want to find out so that you can be inspired, perhaps avoid others' mistakes, and locate potential partners.
  • Business Model Canvas
    Information sources organized on the Business Model Canvas format.

Articles & News

Search in article databases and news sources to inform your ideation and prototyping.

Data Sources

Secondary data that can inform your design process. Starting with secondary data can show you what information or data you will need to gather yourself. Using data that already exist will save you time and resources.

Industry Reports

You may find industry reports helpful when doing your design sprints. For example, you could use industry reports to discover common market challenges faced by organizations providing similar services or products.

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